• Tiffany T. Lam

It IS Possible to Have a Productive IEP Meeting!

Are you dreading your next IEP meeting because it feels like you get so little done in such a long meeting? And sometimes you have multiple parts just to get it all done?

Unfortunately, this happens to more parents than it should...


It IS possible to have a productive IEP meeting! I recently had such a good IEP meeting with my client. It felt efficient, productive, and best of all, my client felt included in the meeting.

So what did we do to get this meeting to be so productive?

  1. Drafted a Parent Input Statement addressing their child’s strengths, specific concerns to be addressed in the next year, and desired future outcomes.

  2. Asked for a draft IEP to review 5 days prior to the meeting. After looking through everything, I worked with my client to send out a letter with questions, comments, and concerns to address in the meeting. This included confusion about drafted goals and questions about the removal or addition of certain accommodations.

  3. Met with my client prior to the IEP meeting. We talked about the sections of the IEP, clarified what each section means and what the discussion will revolve around, and when to ask specific questions or comment.

Want more productive IEP meetings? Schedule a complimentary consult with me to get started. Let’s change the way you normally do IEP meetings!

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