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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

All reading programs (Reading Fundamentals, Reading Remediation, and Morphology Masters) are $60/hour. Learning Therapy is $75/hour.

My rates include time working with your child, lesson planning, writing notes after each lesson, creating homework assignments, and scoring quizzes/assessments, as well as materials purchased and used for each lesson. 

How long will my child need tutoring?

The length of time will vary based on a few different factors:

1. Your goals

2. Dyslexia and other disabilities

3. Consistency

4. Commitment

I am able to teach preschool- and kindergarten-aged students how to read full sentences within 6 hours and spell full sentences within 9 hours of instruction. For elementary-aged students, I am able to close a one year learning gap within 6 months. 

Sometimes, when the gap has closed enough, parents decide to stop tutoring. However, I have had many parents decide to continue tutoring with me to continue building and reinforcing newly learned skills at school.

The time frame it will take a child with Dyslexia or other disabilities to learn to read or close a year learning gap will depend on the severity of their disability. Students with Dyslexia often need more repetitions and time while students with ADHD may need support with executive function at the same time. These factors may result in more time needed to close learning gaps.

Consistency and commitment are key to learning. Life will sometimes get in the way and your child may miss some lessons. The more consistently your child attends their weekly lessons, their learning gaps will close more quickly.

I assign homework to students who may need the extra support in between lessons, so that the skills learned and being developed will continue to be reinforced. When students and parents are able to commit to and complete the homework assigned to them, students are able to progress more quickly.

What exactly is Learning Therapy?

Children need a variety of skills to be successful in school, including self-regulation, auditory processing, visual processing, motor skills, and executive function. Deficits in these foundational skills impact your child's ability to learn easily in school. 

Learning Therapy is a customized program tailored to your child's specific deficits in foundational skills for learning. I have a variety of programs that I pull from to create your child's customized plan, including The Listening Program (TLP), Primitive Reflex Integration and Developmental Exercises (PRIDE), Brain Integration Training (BIT), Eyes on Track (EoT), and Executive Function Training (EFT). 

Your child's progress is constantly monitored. Changes will be made as your child makes improvements and develops their foundational skills.

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